SLDLMP Lamp, Australia

Straight out of Melbourne, industrial designer Luke Woodard has upcycled a set of old 50mm slide film into a slide lamp - hence, where the name SLDLMP came from.

"The initial concept came from the idea of transferring some aspect of creativity to the user, achieved by presenting the lamp as a flat-pack puzzle inspired cardboard cut-out," Woodard explained. The product is as raw and paper-like as the square bits of film themselves! The lamp isn't only unique in construction, but also in the fact that each fixture tells its own story; maybe one of family holidays at the beach house, or giving lectures on the cardiovascular system in med school.

The lamp is laser-cut from a single sheet of 2mm thick 900x600mm box-board. All the components that go into the lamp are cut from one single sheet, and are nested in between one another to make the most of the available offcuts. The process also enabled scoring of the card, which is required along the edges that were to be folded. The rest of the components are glued in place, using frosted polypropylene backings on the slide brackets to diffuse the light from behind them, drastically reducing the intensity of the brightness filtering through the images.

The user then selects the slide film they wish to display (either from their own sourced collection, or the supplied film), slides them into the holsters, and folds the lamp into shape - using the teeth on the sides of the tabs to lock the structure in place, much like a 3D puzzle.

The final product complemented the raw and analogue nature of slide film, specifically by using recycled materials and amplified by the fibrous texture of the box-board. The lamp created a fun and practical solution for displaying your long lost dusty memories in a contemporary setting, without needing an overhead projector.