Let’s Make A Spectacle: Ace & Tate Pop Up

From June until the end of August, explore classic eyewear designs with a contemporary twist in Ace & Tate’s new retail space.

All eyes are on the pop-up store from the exquisite eyewear retailer, Ace & Tate. Located in Hôtel Droog, in the Netherlands, the pop-up will serve as the first physical retail space as Act & Tate is primarily an online store. The company paired with renowned design company, Studio Droog, to create a conceptual display installation that highlights the classic frames and sunglasses.

Known for their work with furniture, accessories, and lighting projects, Studio Droog was the obvious choice for Ace & Tate to help them execution their vision. The eyewear is delicately displayed in bold, dark, metal frames. Studio Droog created large rectangular three-dimensional stands that serve as the casing for Ace & Tate’s advertisements. They frames are also freestanding shelves for the optical ware and sunglasses. The metal frames are portable and can be sized for any other pop-up location. The frames evoke an industrial, raw atmosphere, which perfectly juxtaposes the timeless eyewear.

Hôtel Droog is the perfect partner for the pop-up store. Visiting this venue is like hitting the cultural jackpot – one can enjoy food, drinks, shopping, a lecture series, a stroll in the garden, and if you’re too exhausted from all these activities, a bed is available at your comfort.

The pop-up store aesthetic aligns with Ace & Tate’s mission: to create an affordable, quality product. Craftsmanship is held in the highest regard, materials are durable (they use cellulose acetate), and the goal is simple: let’s make your face look great.

Photography by Thijs Wolzak

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