How Fun Hair Salon designed by JC Architecture

The slender salon remains discreet among the lively city streets but features gorgeous contemporary, minimal, and sleek design.

Located in the most hectic district in Taipei City, nestled among tiny stores fronts, is How Fun hair salon designed by JC Architecture. The trendy, newly constructed salon stands apart from other hairdressing establishments because of its long, narrow layout.  Designers Johnny Chiu and Nora Wang faced a challenging creative process—how does one maximize space and function within tight square footage?

The inspiration for the space was sparked by the desire to create new from old. The space needed to flow from the entrance to the hairdressing stations, leaving comfortable room for movement and storage. The designers then asked themselves what service clients come into a hair salon for … a transformative experience—to leave improved, stylish, and happy.

With those notions in mind, Chiu and Wang devised a tunnel entrance, as if the tunnel is revealing a different person after the cut. The tunnel, made of faux-wood, evokes an earthy, calming tone, and represents the period of transition between a bad hair day and the customer’s new, fresh look. It curves along the ceiling, extending to the back of the salon. Synthetic stone lines the wall and soft lighting creates a cool, relaxed mood. The opposite wall is traditionally lined with mirrors and the chairs are supple black leather.

The atmosphere is intimate and focuses on connecting with the customer. How Fun Hair Salon is the quiet haven away from the bustling Taipei streets.

Photography courtesy of JC Architecture

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