BoHo and Bamboo: Isabel Marant Bangkok Store by Ciguë

Internationally renowned fashion designer Isabel Marant has teamed with Paris-based architecture and design practice Ciguë to create her newest store in Bangkok, Thailand. The lofty space in new upscale mall Central Embassy marks the third collaboration between the Marant and Ciguë, in addition to unique retail locations in Tokyo and Paris.

The team at Ciguë used local Thai craft culture as the inspiration for their design. Woven bamboo, a material utilized throughout Thailand in traditional structures, is used in the store as a sculptural element creating dramatic lighting schemes and grand, sweeping movement within the space.  The woody natural fibers of bamboo recall textiles and some of Marant's pieces, and serve as a bold, yet balanced, counterpoint to the minimalist aesthetic of the store.

A mismatched honeycomb of white concrete display towers occupy central floor space, echoing the straight but naturally imperfect lines of the bamboo.  Accents of brass and black wood add warmth and elegance to the store, and large tinted mirrors create depth within the already generous space.

As a team, Ciguë and Isabel Marant have created three very distinct store locations: each is reflexive of it's environment, and offer a unique retail experience, as opposed to generic branding.  As a result of Ciguë's conscientious design, the Bangkok store pays homage to local culture, while maintaining a modern identity.

Photography courtesy of Ciguë

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