Barrel Bottoms & Brandy Bottles: Shustov Brandy Bar

That’s quite a mouthful… Much like the bar’s interior which spreads out like an open palate waiting to embrace a taste of Shustov’s aromatic Cognac.

Having been in the industry for years, fine tuning blends since 1803, the Shustov’s Brandy Bar had to embody the history, quality and secrecy of their product. The Denis Belenko Design Band have taken all of this and more on board in their creation of this oaky, warm haven, rich in color and innovation.

As a company that focuses on custom design, ergonomics and a unique aesthetic quality, they used the materials made most readily available to them. Barrel bottoms flank the walls, encasing guests in their own aromatic wooden chamber. An overhead ceiling drapes hundreds of illuminated brandy bottles, casting a soft glow across the length of the room.

Gently curved over-head, and with brightly shining bar lights at the far end, the room resembles a barrel of cognac itself. As Shustov describe a tasting, we see the bar take shape around the mouth

“Chew the cognac slightly, let it fill your mouth and touch the key sensors in your tongue — the tip for sweetness, bitter at the back, saltiness and sourness to the sides. You’re looking for a harmonious balance on the tongue — an evenness of flavors; a sense of ‘space’ on the palate and then length...”

Here, congac tasters are invited to experience the indulgence both visually, and through their lips. One can easily chew over the interesting features surrounding them, following the trajectory of the banquettes like the sweet liquor moving through their mouth. The color palette is balanced and natural, perfectly matching the palate of the Shustov connoisseur. A sense of ‘space’ is achieved by the depth and length of the room with overhead lighting that mimics natural light in place of the sun.

Belenko Design Band have created a rich, sultry environment to ease into the relaxing experience of Cognac tasting, one that does justice to the Shustov legacy and the fine flavors in their glassware.

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