On Display: Par La Roy's Nuevo Leon Pop-Up Shop

Undoubtedly one of the top contemporary design studio's surfacing in Mexico, Savvy Studio, recently designed a pop-up shop that reshapes the ideals of old and forms them with their sleek, contemporary sensibilities, creating a store that is a juggernaut of creative output.

Titled Par La Roy, the shop is located in Mexico, nearby the headquarters of Savvy Studios in Nuevo Leon. Par La Roy is a store that will be in a constant state of change. Taking a leaf from the presentations of high fashion pop up stores and the communal qualities of a guildhall, Par La Roy will feature various works from different designers on a monthly or even weekly basis. The store will primarily try to showcase the work of designers and artists that are still up and coming, turning the shop from clothing boutique to an art gallery of garments.

Aesthetically Par La Roy has many challenges. In order to move through the creations of a plethora of designers who all have their own sense of color, style, and material, the space for the store must be accommodating to rapid and extreme changes at a moment’s notice. Therefore, the layout of the store is appropriately minimalist, with a predominant use of white in all the décor. Savvy paid special attention to the materials used in the creation of Par La Roy, and settled on a base of metallic tubing; the perfect contrast to the wide range of fabrics and patterns that will float through the store.

While a whitewashed store with metallic tubing may seem unbelievably bland, the end result gives off an air of Kubrick-ian, micro-calculated precision. Just because it is a space designed to showcase the work of others does not mean it can play the role of a tableau left by the wayside. Par La Roy hits you over the head like the jets of a cold shower, striking you with its powerhouse aesthetic and leaving you wanting more.

Photography Courtesy of  Savvy Studio

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