Rococo Refined: Tsumori Chisato's Shanghai Boutique

When we think high fashion in today’s world we automatically jump to the high profile events held in New York, Paris, and Milan. But it is the current events happening in Asia that are rocking the fashion world to its core.

From the heart of Tokyo, Igarashi Design Studio has built a considerable reputation for itself. They have contributed to a variety of projects and products, ranging from household furniture to clothing to restaurant spaces, and they have become an omnipresent creative force. Their designs are full of energetic, playful uses of shape that invoke a sense of fluidity and movement in every one of their pieces.

Igarashi has just recently partnered with revered Japanese fashion designer Tsumori Chisato to design a flagship store that will make every fashionista’s heart melt. The store, which will be opening in Shanghai, is the final stage in a project that began as boutiques in such world class cities as Hong Kong, Paris, and Bangkok.

Chisato’s designs bring to mind Rococo-esque designs of meticulously crafted floral patterns. With a wide array of clothing products and accessories there is a wealth of intricately crafted garb to choose from. The collection that will be showcased in the Igarashi store will add, in addition to Chisato’s florals, a series of patterns that are as spatially conscious as the space of the store. Customers can expect to find naturalistic images of stars and clouds on clothes that are juxtaposed amongst the frenzied series of conical and wave-like transgressions of the store.

The Chisato Igarashi store is a spectacle not to be missed for any apparel enthusiasts passing through the Shanghai area. It is a meticulously crafted explosion of high fashion and is one of the more remarkable clothing innovations to come about this year.

Photography by Nacasa & Partners

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