Carlos Campos Fall/Winter 2014

Born in Honduras, fashion designer Carlos Campos grew up in a tailoring and design household inspired by his father. By age 23, the young talent dabbled in creating scarves and ties before enrolling in New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. From there, his skill for talent flourished and soon enough Campos was at the helm of a self-titled menswear label, then womans wear shortly thereafter.

Today, Campos creations are celebrated for their provocative undertone, including military, church and sado-masochist wear elements. The designer describes his style as "elegant jet-set rock star, with a romantic [twist]". A distinctive style that finds its way into each of his garments.

For his Fall/Winter 2014 collection, Campos narrowed his focus, culminating in a sharp concise outing. Dressed in navy and black, slim tailored lines were reflected throughout a series of suiting jackets, bombers, structured coats and more. Complemented by modern staples such as the pullover or joggers, Carlos Campos unveiled a solid showing. It’s sorta like cowboy-rocker-meets-ultimate-badass. Sharp.