A Chromatic Stroll: Gap No. 1

This look was made possible by Gap. Visit Styld.by to see more looks.

From as far back as I can remember there has always been at least one Gap wardrobe essential my closet. Their staple pieces are effortless and comfy, not to mention steadfast fashion classics amongst the parade of passing trends that have somehow made their way into my closet over the years. (Admittedly, there was one off-color hypercolor sweatshirt incident in the late 90’s. Don’t judge).

When the iconic American brand came knocking – curious about my street style – I revisited the style staples from wardrobe’s past. One look at their sleek Spring ’14 collection directed by new creative director Rebekka Bay, and my interest was equally piqued.

Bay’s streamlined vision for Gap is full of sleek, pared-down, and expertly-layered looks coinciding seamlessly with my easy-breezy, unfussy style. Together, Gap’s cozy grey Marled Pullover paired with my shape-shifting blush trousers became a relaxed-yet-polished ensemble that transitioned perfectly from desk to drinks. (Let’s be real, no hypercolor sweatshirt could’ve done that. No matter how many hues it changed to).

Photography by Ramzi Dreessen