Time Keepers: MONA HMS Watch Collection

Snapshot: What began as the simple meeting of a watchmaker and a designer in the South of France has become MONA: Montres Originales (Original Watches by) Nardon et Ardilouze. Original is the operative word as their timeless pieces click & whirr with classic horology and innovative design.

MONA aim to reinstate traditional watchmaking values, handcrafting each piece in their workshop using exclusively European materials; a method of custom manufacture that is rapidly disappearing with the increase of mass production.

Collaborating as designer and watchmaker, the construction of each individual watch is infused with meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail, the two processes unfolding simultaneously. Simple, understated and refined, the collection consistently delivers remarkable pieces. Each blends effortlessly with the next, while maintaining a certain edge and individuality that allows them to stand alone as singular representations of the brand.

The HMS Series, are ETA quartz powered with clean 40 x 8.2mm French cases and straight cut Tuscan leather straps. The various models are distinguished by their rich color palettes and a unique naming system. Signature designs like the HMS Icone & Terra have a classic monochrome face with colored accents in eggshell blue (Icone) or sand (Terra). Meanwhile, The HMS Villa glows electric blue with nautical accents. Slightly more subdued is the HMS Nova with a neutral beige face and elegant ebony detail.

The latest line of special editions offers a range of new styles and tones to choose from as you create your custom design. Moving towards deeper winter shades, these new additions are darker, richer and bring a certain military edge to the more Autumnal tones of the HMS Date range. Steely silver faces on the Behring, Roche & Dune with delicate white hands and varying touches of distinguishing black, sands and blues, as well as a bold black face on the Braddock offering a reverse monochromatic take on the traditional MONA design.

The Tuscan leather straps come in a variety of shades from soft, desert tans to October’s leafy reds and yellows, with the new special range bringing deep midnight blues and rich peacock greens into the equation.

Each watch sports the elegant flagship MONA logo and clasps the secrets of mastery inside. Custom made with a passion for a timeless tradition, these elegant pieces are much more than a simple watch.

Photography courtesy of MONA