Tomorrow is the End of the World by Bei Kuo

Set in a time of beyond our blanderously current and modern era comes the hypnotic runway collection Tomorrow is the End of the World by Bei Kuo. Composed with sliver metallic, stark neoprene and charred sleek sportswear show off this killer evolved masterpiece.

Bei Kuo’s artistry has caught the eye of many with her up-to-date skills and genius flair. Constructed with overtime-creative talent a deep androgynous think piece is seen within each and every strategic garment. Mind wheels are turning, as each piece can be anything to any imagination.

Scribed on many of the pieces was the quote “You do not exist.” This mind turning concept was a heavy inspiration upon the whole collection as well as within the thoughts of the audiences. Unattractive past deep emotions and personal memories come head to toe with the concept “You do not exist.” Every time these memories resurface within your mind the collection Tomorrow is the End of the World stands out to say and remind the old you “You do not exist.” In a sense the collection is about a new transformations all around.

Photography by Christine Hahn