Bespoke Shoes Tattooed by Henry Hate

Celebrated tattoo artist, Henry Hate, a man best known for his work on the likes of Amy Winehouse, Alexander McQueen and Boy George, has teamed up with the British shoe-makers over at Oliver Sweeney to inject some fresh attitude, creativity and originality into men's footwear

Using the shoe as an unexpected canvas, customers are able to add their own personal touch, by submitting original designs for Hate to tattoo onto the leather. "When I first started tattooing, I had to learn on a leather boot," Hate admits. "This exercise felt very full circle."

"The identity of an Oliver Sweeney shoe is quite broad, so in terms of the general man, I had to think of what type of person would wear this shoe - stylish, rock & roll and fiercely independent." The Mexican/American artist explained of his radical approach to the collaboration. Customers can choose from a wide range of styles, including brogues and boots, with the design being tattooed along the upper sole, hand-rendered by Henry using his treasured tattoo gun and inks. Boots aren't your cuppa tea? Opt for a leather wallet or flask to tattoo your design on instead. To know more about the infamous Henry Hate or if you're open to laughing for the next three minutes check out the artist's brief biography. A bio that begins with "Henry Hate is a self proclaimed lazy, loud foul mouthed, know it all brat whom knows nothing about art, music or tattoos. Wanted in six international cities and five different time zones for crimes against passion, nature and human decency..."

Photography Courtesy of Oliver Sweeney