Anatomic Spectacles

On display during this year's London Design Festival was the impressive work of Elina Gleizer, an up and coming Israeli Jewelry Designer. The collection embodies fragmented abstractions of disjointed human body parts fusing together to create a compelling jewelry collection titled, Alter Self.

Gleizer says her designs "have a continuous dialogue with human anatomy, form and ergonomics. They integrate traditional silversmith techniques with varied technologies and materials such as: metal, wood, leather, semi-precious stones, textiles and  plastics, all creating contemporary and fashion forward piece of wearable art."

We are most fond of Gleizers bionic take on sunglasses, a piece in the Alter Self collection that was inspired by the two eye sockets and the eyebrow line. The eyebrow line was creatively translated into the glasses in the form of a wooden visor functioning as the bridge, with circular metal frames below. Gleizer complemented the gold plated brass temples on the side of the sunglasses, with temple tips constructed of comfortable leather.

Each item in the collection, which can be seen here, is suited to a specific body part, and expressing it by size and shape. The collection is made out of carved wood, silver, gold plated brass, linen, leather, and semi precious stones. As a recent graduate of Israel's esteemed Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, the first collection of the blooming designer proves she is one to keep on the radar.

Photography by Marina Moshkovich Chris