Blueberries: 3D Printed Jewelry

As 3D printing technologies are becoming more available, designers are jumping at the chance to tinker around with the innovative tool. Prague-based creators Markéta Richterová and Zbynek Krulichare using 3D software to create Blueberries, a unique collection of intricate jewelry. The artists´ inspiration for Blueberries comes from natural structures, both organic and inorganic. In their work, they play with light, matter, composition, scale, and geometry to create expressive pieces that resemble abstract trees and deep sea worms. The exciting collection is comprised of chunky bracelets, geometric earings, and unique necklaces constructed of strong & flexible nylon plastic with velvet matting. Creativity and imagination are essential to the jewelry craft, Richterová and Krulich are embracing 3D printing technologies to produce finely detailed and complex jewelry pieces.

photographed by Adéla Havelková