Botanical Layers by Masha Reva + SNDCT

Masha Reva and SYNDICATE of Kiev have mashed up their own mix of botanical paraphernalia and printed the floral arrangements on fine quality sweaters, which are dramatically tailored to be over sized in the shoulder and upper arm area."The collection juxtapositions immersion in the rapid pace of contemporary life, gadgets and social networks with a yearning for our natural environment, explored as a metaphorical botanical garden of Photoshop layers and loading bars," Reva explained. Reva and SNDCT's concept is that people who are living a contemporary lifestyle, are fully immersed in gadgets, but are always searching for nature. This concept manifests itself on the sweater in a layering effect. The grey checks of the base transparency layer in Photoshop reads on one of the sweaters while a floral layer filled with tropical leaves are shown above the transparent layer. The loading bar, printed on the back of the sweater brings the entire idea full circle.

(Photography: Synchrodogs)