Going Beyond Borders With Stella Jean

Italian-Haitian fashion designer Stella Jean is instinctively going beyond borders with a bold and refined new collection, turning up the heat with prints and colors. Jean got his foot in the fashion door when he started as a model, parading for Egon Von Furstenberg before he realized his true talent of fashion design. The idea of juxtaposing cultural prints is nothing new for the worldly designer, exotic destinations have been the inspiration for Jean in the past. But this collection playfully combines primary colors with all the nuances of the world, in a graceful and charming manner. Hawaiian prints are carefully mixed with stripes and polka dots then twisted into a spirited fifties ensemble with chunky accessories. Hats and headdresses are a dominant feature in the collection as vibrant turbines and weaved hats become a strong accent piece to the exciting garments. Their is an extraordinary richness amongst the garments as zeitgeists and cultures collide.