El Grand Chamaco Heads To Pictoplasma, Berlin

Berlin's Pictoplasma is the world’s leading Festival of contemporary character culture. The artist line-up has just been released with some awesome illustrators such as Andrea Wan, Mr Clement, and Bakea headlining the conference. In the midst of all the talent, it's the glossy 3D-esque characters of El Grand Chamaco that are catching some well deserved attention. El Grand Chamaco is a 30 year old artist based in Los Ramones, Mexico, who creates 3D illustrations of characters who are playful, dramatic, and somewhat defiant. Chamaco's pursuit of artistry began to develop as a young orphan who spent his childhood and adolescence with his grandfather on his mother side, it was she, who drove him through the paths of drawing and painting. As his passion for his artistry grew, outside appreciation did not. Chamaco was rejected from art school, but channeled all his frustrations into his work. It wasn't until a few years back, when Chamaco's small village received the internet, that he was able to properly showcase his talents to the world. This art school reject will be proudly speaking about his work, and his journey as an artist at Pictoplasma in April, where a dense marathon of inspiring lectures and presentations by some of the most outstanding artists, illustrators and designers pushing the edge of contemporary character visualization will be featured as well.