1,200 Bulbs Light up the LEDscape, Lisbon

Lately, I'm finding myself deep into conversations with people who ask me what's 'cool' at the moment? or what's 'trending'? It's always quite difficult for me to respond to what one would think would be an easy question to answer, being of my industry. Sometimes I try to answer this question based on KNSTRCT readers, and which articles they 'like' and 'share' the most. What I have come to realize is that each of those top shared articles have something major in common - user experience. Not just any user experience. It must be a magical experience.



is an installation which deals with light as a constructive element of space and landscape," says

Diogo Aguiar

, co-founder of


. The instillation is a bright collaboration with LIKEarchitects and


and is located in the “Centro Cultural de Belém” in Lisbon. 1,200 LEDARE bulbs and 1,200 HEMMA floor lamp bases all connect together to form the art piece which aims to demystifying the preconceived ideas about LED technology and emphasizes the relevance of this product in the sustainability of the future. Aguiar and his team created a clever formation of the bulbs, allowing visitors to interact with the instillation via an inviting pathway which leads to the garden of lights in its entirety.

Photography courtesy of the talented Fernando Guerra