Bastian Preussge's Storytelling Skateboards

Bastian Preussge's drippy hatchings are usually carefully carved out from coffee ashes, tea, gouache, or Indian ink. But the Hamburg-based artist is now pairing his daring doodles with a little bit of urban flair. Preussge has created a series of story telling skateboards with illustrations of a powerful bird kingdom, biblical tales, and a graffiti-esque black and white depiction of a life gone to waste. Preussge says that the skateboards are currently designated to no one. This was a passion project, done for no money, or attention. So if you're a million dollar skate house looking for some creative new decks to sell, please do not bother Preussge.... unless you're a multi-million dollar skate house, because these cool decks are aching to ravage some concrete, and are sure to sell.