Swim Good: Lobres Swim Park by DJ Arquitectura

Southern Spain puts a twist on traditional public baths.

Mediterranean heat, views of the Granada seaside and distant hills, with soft billowing canvas clouds casting gentle shadows across the water – DJ Arquitectura’s design is a little bit of heaven. Neatly sheltered by grassy slopes that open up to the blue sky while providing soft shade, the crystal blue pool sits still and tranquil in its coastal haven.

Incorporating the surrounding architecture, the design flirts with the natural environment of white-washed walls, fragrant honeysuckles and bright, bold winter cherry flowers. The underground labyrinth of cool concrete dressing rooms provide shelter from the heat and are due to connect with the gym next-door. With plans to create a light greenhouse style coverage during the winter season, the pool can be used all year round.

A relaxing spot to stumble upon along the foothills for a refreshing dip and sun-lit lounge with ample space for children to play, the Lobres pool is a prime summer destination. And with a work-out and winter shelter just around the corner, it seems this will become a permanent fixture for the community.
Signoff: Managing to both blend in and stand out, the pool is consistent with the stunning local landscape and is innovative in both its utility and design.

Photography by Jesus Granada