Kado Karim by Karim Rashid

Steps from the Baltic beaches of Jurmala, Latvia, sits Kado Karim, a shapely trio of brand new apartment buildings, the brainchild of designer Karim Rashid.

Kado Karim, taken from the French "cadeau" meaning gift, is an under construction collection of three separately standing, but functionally integrated three story buildings.  Housing a total of twenty one apartments, each structure conforms to the same architectural scheme, but each features its own particular concept of interior design.

The largest of the buildings is under the creative direction of Rashid.  Undulating forms, unique circular windows, a color palate of muted neons, and sleek minimalism are the hallmarks of Rashid's strikingly modern interiors. 

A second building will be the design territory of Karina Abike and Ulvis Abikis of Bureau Neoklasika, along with Yuriy Andreev and Marek Burznieks.  While retaining the sparse and modern look of Rashid's oceanic dreamscapes, these interiors have a fresh traditional feel, with a warmer color palate, and more conventional seating and shelving schemes.  The third house is to be left untouched, for the daring dweller to decorate as they will. 

Influential Latvian architect Andis Silis, founder of the architectural bureau SZK Partneri, designed the demure white buildings of Kado Karim. Each story forms an organic layer, slightly off set from the next, but retaining a cohesive rounded shape of the structure as a whole.  Regularly spaced rectangular windows and small balconies mirror the shelved protrusions of each shifting layer. 

Slated for completion in autumn this year, Kado Karim will offer the advanced technology of Smart City personalized home management, and 24 hour concierge service in addition to it's singular design concept, and stunning seaside location. 

Images courtesy of Kado Karim