House in Quinta Patino, Portugal

Frederico Valsassina is said to be a man who has honesty and sincerity towards life and work, a man with architecture in his blood as he is the grandson of beloved architect Raul Tojal. Valsassina approached his most recent project, the House in Quinta Patino, with these ideals in mind as he created a dwelling spot that exemplifies a deep tranquility.

The Lisbon based architect essentially created a simple box-like structure, but managed to make it beautiful! The two story home is roughly 7,500 square feet and is situated on a heavily vegetated piece of land in Estoril, Portugal.

The boxy gray structure has square and rectangular cut-outs which act as windows, patios, and doorways. A large living wall on the patio captures the essence of the home as Valsassina marries nature and architecture.

The wall is overflowing with plant life, and is complemented with a minimalistic stone and wood patio.

The land directly around the home is occupied by a recreational grass soccer field and a long swimming pool, then met by huge trees which surround the site for extra privacy.

At night, the Quinta Patino has a special glowing effect as a carefully constructed lighting system causes the trees to shine, and the structural cut-outs in the home to have a warm and soothing glow.

 FG+SG fotografia de arquitectura | architectural photography