The Auto Family House, Poland

The Auto Family House, or as they say in Poland, Dom Autorodzinny, is the latest home whipped up by the brainiac architects at KWK Promes. The new dwelling has some big shoes to fill, being the follow up structure to KWK Promes famed Aatrial House, Safe House, and Standard House, but the Auto Family House is surely making a statement all on its own.

KWK built the home for a car lover and art collector. To accommodate their client's passion for automobiles, KWK created a long indoor driveway, where you can literally drive up into the home!

The striking stone driveway is built on a rising hill which allows for the driver to park, and enter into the home on the second level.

The home consists of two white structural components, nearly identical, but flipped opposite of one another. The component that houses the indoor driveway blends in with its natural surroundings as it appears to be rising up from a grassy knoll, which turns into its rooftop.

The second component, and main living areas, is the near reverse of the first, except it is fully above ground, giving access to the garden.

Photography: KWK Promes