Autostadt Porsche Pavilion

Autostadt, a theme park in Wolfsburg, Germany, introduced a new structure to their property. The new Porsche Pavilion, designed by HENN Architekten, is meant to capture the importance of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG within the Volkswagen group family.

"The structure captures the dynamic flow of driving with a seamless building skin," explained the architects. Curving lines and organic bends make their way over the man-made pond, as a series of stairs with plants take shade underneath. HENN designed the sculptural piece is in effort to reflect the characteristics derived from the Porsche brand image. "Below the cantilever of the large asymmetrical roof, a sheltered external space opens up. This space is visually connected to the surrounding landscape, but forms its own acoustic enclosure, providing seating for a few hundred guests." - HENN Architekten

On the Inside of the pavilion a space opens up, to display an impressive collection of sports cars, an exhibit about the brand Porsche and its history, yet, casting aside the conventional limits and restraints to perception. The elliptically curved ramp embraces the dynamic principle of the architecture and leads the visitor to the lower exhibition stage areas.

Photography: HENN Architekten