A Nordic Pavilion For Reindeer-Spotting

The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Foundation recently commissioned a sanctuary for reindeer watching which sits about an hour north of Oslo in the beautiful Dovrefjell National Park.

The foundation brought on local team, Snohetta Architects to design and build the structure. The function of the small building is meant to provide warm shelter for visitors and school groups who want to learn about reindeers, and the wildlife within the park while enjoying breathtaking views!

Snohetta wanted to create a space which encompassed the idea of a rock or ice which has been exposed to natural forces like wind or water; which usually smooths out hard surfaces. This concept was manifested into an curved organic looking wooden core inside a rectangular frame. Half of the pavilion is indoors while the other half is outdoors and the large curvatures also act as seating for visitors.

Photography Courtesy of Snohetta Architects