Toyo Ito's Museum of Architecture

On the Island of Omishima, Japanese architect Toyo Ito has completed the Toyo Ito Architecture Museum, the first museum in Japan dedicated to the work of an individual architect!

The angular structure is sculpted to mimic the deck of a ship as it sits on a seaside ledge overlooking Seto Inland Sea, providing scenic views and cool breezes for the museum patrons. The faceted faces of the monolithic steel structure tilt at various different angles and "establishes a strong and modern identity on the lush site." The exterior architecture directly translates to the interior design, which is wrapped in birch wood and is left minimalistic in decor. Toyo Ito is taking it upon himself to re-write the rules of museums! What do you think about the architect designing a museum, dedicated to himself? Join the conversation

Photography: Daici Ano & Ken Lee