Refined Simplicity on the Bodrum Peninsula

When we imagine a vacation spent on the Riviera, we immediately picture the lush scenery and decadent hotels located in France and Italy. So it might come as a surprise to find that the most ravishing Riviera escape we’ve found is in the remote countryside of Turkey.

Located on the Bodrum Peninsula in the southwestern part of Turkey, the Maçakizi Hotel in Turkbuku is a veritable paradise on Earth. Located about 30 minutes away from the city center of Bodrum, it is perfectly isolated, far enough to feel out in the wilderness, but less than an hour away from an airport.

The Maçakizi began as a small-scale bed and breakfast. But after boasting the stunning views of the Aegean Sea and nearby a quaint little seaside village, it quickly grew to become the luxurious hotel that it is today. A popular destination among yachters and celebrities, the hotel manages to provide what seems to be an exclusive experience that is fortunately accessible to anyone.

The hotel itself is a modernist’s dream. Sleek, polished wood interior compliments the neutral colored simplicity of every room. Remote control blinds and Bose TV’s provide technological sophistication in juxtaposition with the more naturalistic amenities of the hotel, such as the various stone walled gardens and courtyards home to a natural population of porcupines and cats.

In addition to their gardens, the hotel boasts a stunningly beautiful swimming pool, lined with natural stones and surrounded by a wealth of flower blossoms and shrubs. If anything the hotel resembles more of a Japanese meditation garden than a Turkish villa.

But regardless of the clash of styles, what we are left with is an Eden-esque getaway that seems the very essence of vacation. While in Turkey it just might be worth the trip down south from Istanbul to visit this secluded paradise.