Engadin Mansion Turned Art House: Chesa Stuva Colani Hotel

Deep in the tiny and picturesque villages of Switzerland, travelers will come across the Chesa Stuva Colani – a historic mansion turned art-inspired resort designed by Bertolini e Galli Architetti.

A 16,000 square foot extension was added onto the mansion to act as a monumental hall with a wall made entirely of crystal, which looks onto the hotel’s gym & spa. They have an impressive array of wellness facilities such as Turkish baths, pools, hammams, and even Emotional Showers (but really, what shower isn’t emotional?).

The hall itself is absolutely stunning. The Victorian wrought iron dining table is perfectly accented with a handcrafted Murano glass chandelier from Venice. The room even features reclaimed and re-purposed wooden beams. The rest of the hall is just walls and walls of art and design books – perfect to drool over after taking in the furniture and décor.

The hotel has twelve different rooms available – and every single one is individually designed. But all of the rooms are a testament to the hotel’s mission: to create a boutique space that celebrates the beauty of good design and untouched nature. The decision between staying in and going out has never been so difficult.

If the interiors of the hotel haven’t impressed you enough, check out the permanent installation by Letizia Cariello: a powerful garden with a combination of grey rocks and stainless steel spheres. The Colani features more artists, both local and international, throughout the mansion and its gardens.

The Chsea Stuva Colani really is a gorgeous and inspiring fixture in Switzerland. It’s the perfect getaway for a nature and design enthusiast.  And if you’re not an outdoorsy person, that’s totally fine; there’s enough beauty inside the hotel to get your fill.