Coco Privé Kuda Hithi Island, Maldives

Singapore-based Guz Architects are well known for creating bona fide tropical fortresses' throughout southeast Asia. The firms latest project comes in the form of Coco Privé, a secluded resort on theKuda Hithi Islandin the Maldives. On the island, Guz Wilkinson, founder and principal architect at Guz Architects, designed on master residence, the Palm Residence, and five other private villas. The architecture reflects the natural charms of its surroundings, an elegant blend of modern and natural materials, where craft and attention to detail combine to achieve a spacious, elegant and intimate haven.

As soon as guests get off the boat they are greeted by a long wood dock that is decorated with oil lanterns, large vases, and crisp white furniture. The dock leads guests straight down a jungle path into a modern oasis that is the lobby. Just like it's waters, it's crystal clear that this destination is designed for the discerning few, where privacy and exclusivity extend far beyond the expectations of the ordinary. The Palm residence has an open plan, free-flowing design coupled with a palette of natural earthy hues and sweeping views of the ocean. The first floor of the residence has a fully stocked library, cocktail bar and wine room, and an expansive living room filled with bespoke pieces to the mirrored ceiling of the large dining room that hosts up to eight of your family and friends. Above, on the second floor is the master bedroom, a second living room, and an infinity pool where a king-size sun lounger sits inside the water.

There are five other villas on the Island, the Starfish Villa, Heron Villa, Trurtle Villa, Manta Villa, and the Gecko Villa. Each of the villas are situated in different parts of the island to allow for maximum privacy and relaxation. All of the villas come with a private pool and are very spacious. Among the facilities are a library, cocktail bar, gym, and steam room, as well as a personal chef for those out-of-hours cravings. Activities on the island go from feeding stingrays to exploring the chef's garden. With unparalleled beauty and wondrous coastal scenery, a tapestry of 1192 pristine islands lay like emeralds amidst the azure blue of a crystal clear sea and an abundance of natural sea life make their home in the vivid turquoise coral reef.