On The Road Again: Pigeon Kickscooter by Ignas Survila

Rush, rush, rush. Lithuanian designer Ignas Survilla has created a fresh way to move to point A to point B. Traveling is once again a “pleasant process” with the Pigeon Kickscooter.

You can’t be missed on the cleverly constructed, neon colored two-wheeler. Its compact size is brilliantly shocking—with one press of your foot the lightweight Pigeon folds in half. The handlebars also collapse into themselves for a streamline effect, making Pigeon simple to tote when entering the subway, taking a bus, or riding an elevator.

The graceful architectural slope of the top bar makes it easy to carry on your shoulder, allowing your hands to be free to fuss with your wallet or shopping bags. The scooter’s sturdiness resides in its foot grip, wide enough one foot while the other pushes. The wheels absorb the bumps and imperfections in the road, making the ride as smooth as possible.

Survila’s background in product design and art are evident in his conscious decision-making. He states, “My [present] ambition is for the people throughout the world to change their approach to things that seem unchangeable and to turn hurrying into a pleasant and useful process.” Survila’s purpose is to serve and improve everyday life.

Visionary design and attention to even the smallest detail elevates this inventor and his design team into new, uncharted territory that forces you to question form, function, and efficiency.

Photography: Pigeon Kickscooter