Oh My Deus: “The Smirk” is Jeremy Tagand’s Latest Addition to the Deus ex Machina Dynasty

Rescued from a Queensland Shed, this cheeky Yamaha SR was given a custom makeover that will have you laughing all the way to the beach.

Resurrecting 1940s custom motorcycle philosophy, Deus exploded onto the Australian scene in 2006. Bolstering an enthusiasm for turning a simple machine into an individual, expressive work of art, Deus designs embody an appreciation for creativity and cultural celebration. Also specializing in surfboards, biking accessories and custom parts, Deus have fitted The Smirk with a board rack for those days where you just want to really show off.

Originally from France, Jeremy Tagand is the man behind Deus’ flagship store in Oz. Impassioned by his work, Tagand has been known to go days without sleep during builds, saying little more about his style than that he’s “trying to do something cool.” This relaxed yet dedicated approach to creativity is what allows projects like The Smirk to happen. What began as an abandoned pile of rust, this little bike was taken under Jeremy’s protective wing and given a new lease of life.

With a body of cobalt blue, a classic black frame and tan duck tail seat cowl, the bike is visually striking with soft retro touches. White paintwork detail brightens up the color palate and creates a summer beach vibe, gently alluding to 60s pop art design. Custom additions range from the headlight number plate, to the custom pipes & Super Trap muffler, to the notable Deus touch of the fitted surf racks, every detail gives a nod to the child out Aussie lifestyle embodied in this design.

Available for custom order in Sydney, The Smirk will certainly keep a smile on your face this Summer.

Photography by Deus Ex Machina