Automotive Art: Arash AF8 Supercar

A brand new, meticulously designed and carefully engineered sports car, AF8, is finally here. Designed by the creatives over at Arash Motor Company Ltd., founded by Arash Farbound in 1999, the AF8 is conceptually a product of evolution. The history and heritage of past cars that Arash built, including the Farbound GT, Farbound GTS and AF10, served as a good starting point on which designers used their extensive imaginations and creative skills to come up with a new model.  

Individualism and fun are two crucial elements underlying the company's artistic goals. "Our belief is that you have a choice today for anything you wish and to be as individual as you want - why not with a sports car? Let it be fun, playful and exciting. Let it be a piece of automotive art - something timeless and a great part of your life." Explained Arash.

Key features of AF8’s automotive design include a short overhang front, a forward position for the driver’s cockpit and a large flat rear back. The windscreen is wide and shaped at the edges making one immediately think of ‘motorsports’. The crease at the top of the roof line adds to its great aerodynamics.

The side profile of the car continuing on to the interior door cards and both front and rear lights indicate the S or Z shape, which is one of Arash’s signature designs. Some of the other details include large side air ducts that divert and force air into the engine system, induction noise near the driver’s ears, and a rear engine cover using glass shapes, meshing and naked lacquered carbon encasing the V8 engine and gearbox.

The AF8 has one of the largest rear tires that Michelin could supply -345 width on 20 inch -making it the largest contact patch made to date. The wheels themselves are crafted from forged aluminum that take 3 days each to make, that are then finished in a dual paint system, polished and checked. For the purposes of maximal efficiency and crystal clear light emission, majority of the lights on the AF8 use LED technology.

Creativity, craftsmanship and attention to scientific reasoning all converged at a point that led to the foundation and formation of this beautifully designed car. The eventual hope, stated by the company’s website, is for “something timeless and leading to a future legacy.” Whether this hope is realized or not, only time will tell.