Rethink Sitting: The Re-launch of the Iconic Globe Garden Chair

"Our ancestors lived in the trees." Explained furniture designer Peter Opsvik when he first revealed his rather unusual Globe Garden chair in 1984. "We have become a sedentary society with a rather limited view of how we should fold our limbs when sitting." The Globe was Opsvik's message to the world, a call of action to help people gain acceptance for a freer use of the body.

The Glove Garden is a re-launch of an iconic chair that shows how norms of sitting nicely and sitting still can be broken. Garden was licensed by the Norwegian company Stokke from 1985 to 2005 and has now been re-launched at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in a new version by Moment AB. The new version of the chair depicts branches of a tree that continues down the legs and become supporting roots.

The intriguing chair features a high seating position that ensures a better outlook, better reach and better ergonomics. A rounded seat and back makes sitting more active and the flexibility of the ball-shaped back supports the upper body and the arms at various angles, equaling a greater variety of sitting positions.

I created a number of products and objects whose attention-getting impact was more important than their utility.
— Peter Opsvik

The Globe Garden is not only an icon; it is an art object and eye-catcher. It also offers numerous comfortable sitting positions. It's time to rethink sitting.

Photography courtesy of Peter Opsvik




Globe Garden Chair by Peter Opsvik
Globe Garden Chair by Peter Opsvik
Globe Garden Chair by Peter Opsvik