Caeden Headphones Inspired by New York City's Architecture

“Detailed with clean lines and refined metal finishes, the collection delivers beautifully balanced sound in a truly classic headphone”

If you’re looking to find some fashionable headphones that are designed with a top of the line sound system, check out New York based brand Caeden’s new luxury line. Inspired by New York City Architecture, the headphones are designed with clean lines, geometric patterns, neutral tones and precious metals that capture the city’s qualities into one compact sound system. Combining functional, cutting-edge technology with a savvy sense of style in mind, the Linea collection has found the right balance between engineering and art.

A fully-balanced sound system that blocks as much outside noise as possible and captures every complex layer of sound, the headphones give us the luxury of experiencing music at top-notch quality. Also, we apparently don’t have to suffer for fashion because Caeden’s designers have equipped their headphones with ultra-soft vegan leather, a three axis pivot and a low-compression fit that‘ll keep you comfortable while you sink into your favorite song.

The headphones are available in three different forms: you can choose either  faceted ceramic with rose gold, faceted carbon with gold and convex carbon with gun metal. There’s also the Linea no 2 if you’re looking for a smaller set of earbuds that still have the same sense of quality, comfort and style that you’d find in the Linea no 1. If you interested (and how could you not be?) you can find all of Caeden’s products here.

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