Christmas Year Around: Modern Christmas ornaments by Kristina Krogh

Snapshot: Copenhagen based artist Kristina Krogh provides a modern and sleek update to the traditional holiday ornament.

Well, Ladies and Gents, it’s that time of year again. The holidays have come and gone and all of your favorite Christmas knick-knacks have been safely stored away until next year. But what if you could keep a bit of Christmas around all year? No, I’m not talking about that reindeer ornament that your sweet Aunt Muriel gave you for Thanksgiving; I’m talking about a sleek, modern, and original rendering of a classic Christmas ornament thoughtfully designed by Danish artist Kristina Krogh. 

The simplicity of her designs combines traditional shapes typically found in Christmas ornaments, i.e. circles and triangles. Kristina takes those standard silhouettes and allows the previous form to inspire her fresh and unique designs. The ornaments themselves are formed from 0.5 cm of etched sheet brass neatly packaged in groups of three.

The packaging of these thin brass ornaments comes inside of a sleek white paper sleeve detailed with tiny black lettering that reads, “Christmas Ornaments”. The front fold is simply sealed with a diamond shaped gold sticker. This protects the brass and the dark green silk threads that come with each ornament.

What is perhaps most magical about these tiny trinkets is Krogh's choice of material. As the back of the packaging states, “The material will get patina over time.” Patina refers to the oxidation process that happens with certain metals and means that over time, the colors will begin to change. Therefore, the material will begin to tell its own story along with the passage of time and memories.

These modern and soon to be colorful decorations are special enough to belong on your Christmas tree, yet versatile enough to be displayed all year round. A perfect guilt-free reason to deck the halls and remain jolly, even in these colder months.