Bon-Bons a la Barcelona

Chocolate for many of us is an essential part of daily life, and chocolate can be there for us when humans just don’t quite cut it. For all the self-confessed choco-holics out there, what you need is an accessory for your stash of truffles, a great shrine paying tribute to your everlasting love of all things cacao.

Spanish designer Andreu Carulla has come up with what he coins as a “totem-like chocolate bon-bons recipient” in a series of structures that he has titled ‘Torrembolesca.’ It is a project that Carulla has been working on for world class ice cream parlor Rocambolesc, a short ride outside of Carulla’s hometown of Barcelona.

The Carulla studio specializes in conceptual product design. They have showcased a variety of projects in the past, including everything from jewelry and furniture to technology and even food.

The totems themselves resemble something like the bannister of a staircase or a royal scepter. Carulla has designed an infinite number of different pieces of varying size and shape, allowing each person to customize their own version of the totems, from squat bowl sized containers to towering, elegiac structures.

The design across the board of Torrembolesca brings to mind images of the Baroque era, featuring an array of striking, pastel colors that lather each piece of the individual totems. Upon first glance, they could pass for candy themselves, but the end result would not look out of place in an Imperial-era Russian sitting room.

Carulla mentioned that some of their items will be available via online shopping, so it should not be too long before his work and products will begin to sweep through the city. The Torrembolesca already looks polished and ready for the tea parties on the Upper East Side it will no doubt attend.

Photography By: Andreu Carulla