Biodegradable Packaging Turned Planter

Monterrey-based creative firm, Estudio Manifiesto Futura, employed triangle wood chips and burlap fabric to construct a biodegradable book package that can be upcycled into a sculptural plant pot. The packaging solution is a project commissioned by Design Week Mexico, and created by Futura's founding designers Vicky Gonzalez and Ivan Garcia.

"To design the object, we rely on materials that were 100% biodegradable. This gave us the opportunity to give another use to the packaging by making a pot. We managed to create an experience of surprise and satisfaction of the re-use of a functional object." The designers explained.

In addition to designing the clever packaging, García and González  also wrote the book; a compilation of introspective writings and personal photographs. The ultimate goal of the project was to highlight the Rufino Tamayo Museum, an art museum located in Mexico City’s Chapultepec Park, principally dedicated to the former private collection of artist Rufino Tamayo and temporary exhibits of contemporary art.

Photography by Estudio Manifiesto Futura