Concrete Timelines: Prime Geometric Wall Clock

Taiwanese designers and retailers CitieSocial have one time piece in their Prime collection, which includes other utilitarian items such as stools and light fixtures, as well as terrariums and scissors. 

The star shape of the clock is based on Islamic geometric patterns: ubiquitous designs used for everything from decorative elements on all types of objects, to adorning the surfaces of monumental architecture. A cement infusion molding fabrication process allows for variation in each object in the form of tiny, naturally occurring bubbles on the surface, making each piece unique and imbuing a hint of earthiness to the man-made material. 

The three dimensionality of the Geometric Wall Clock is highlighted by it's understated color in conjunction with the vibrant pattern. The timeless airy form and heavy urban materiality make for a statement wall piece that is eye-catching, but not overwhelming. 

Photography courtesy of CitieSocial