Servile Desk + Rocking Lamp by M.OSS

Marcel OSSendrijver, founder of Netherlands-based design studio M.OSS, unveiled a few new additions to his already innovative design portfolio. 

In creating the Servile desk, OSSendrijver used beech wood because he loves the color and the texture of it. Both the woodwork and the design appear clean-cut, simple yet appreciably conspicuous.

At a first glance, the Servile desk appears to have unusual edges, which may actually add to being easily utilizable and very convenient. M.OSS is a company known best for their real life rendition of Pixar-like light fixtures. The design studio's latest fixture is a table lamp inspired by RAR Eames chair. There’s a subtle ‘humanoid’ aspect to its look -not even kidding!

High quality, sleek, yet simple -these are great additions to M.OSS’s collection.

Photography by M.OSS