Twin Tables: Two-Legged CS1 Coffee + Side Tables by Astfrei

Snapshot: A collaboration between Swiss craftsmanship and Californian design, Astfrei’s CS1 doesn’t need four legs to stand strong, as their very different take on the table shows us how to keep a balanced and classy look on just two.

Astfrei is what happens when Switzerland and California decide to combine their craft and make something completely out of the ordinary. They “seek to create calm yet expressive furniture to further integrate and enrich your home,” something they've proven capable of with their first design, the CS1.

The CS1 “consists of a coffee- and side table that creates a harmonious ensemble with an emphasis on material exploration,” designer Mathias Hintermann explains. Choosing to forgo the usual design of a four-legged table, Astfrei shows us how using two legs can bring us something more exotic to the living room. The cold concrete and copper legs meld with the dark Californian walnut, creating a sort of quaint and warm appeal that you wouldn't expect from the seemingly contrasting materials. This unique conversation between Switzerland and the west coast really gives the table an edge that makes it the perfect piece to accommodate your cup of coffee.

The CS1 tables will be available for purchase Spring 2015. Buy here.

Photography courtesy of Astfrei