Candock's Modular Floating Docks

You may have seen floating docks gracing marinas and lakes for quite some time now, but Candock, a cool company based in Québec, Canada has a whole new take on these docks.

The Modular Floating Dock System is a truly innovative product. The high quality plastic system is easily connected with little to no maintenance, can be configured in numerous ways, and has a life time guarantee. Most recently, Candock put together a long rectangular dock, made four units wide and 85 units long, then connected it to the shore of a beach and let it float over the breaking waves. This made for a pretty kick-ass time for Candock's clients who spent the whole day wave jumping and soaking up the sun as they moved on top of the water. Candock noted that their "modular floating system has become a must for residential, commercial, marina and recreational facility docks or any other application. When compared to wooden, metal or cement docks, its advantages are crystal clear: just consider its exceptional lifespan and its high resistance to the most severe weather conditions."

(Photographs: Candock)