Softa Outdoor Bench

Streets and cityscapes might be on the verge of a whole new look if quirky Russian designer, Tembolat Gugkaev gets his way!

His latest design, the Softa Outdoor Bench, is a hybrid of a soft sofa and a street bench. The look of the bench is a sweet juxtaposition of a chesterfield sofa slash bus stop seat and can be made in a plethora of colors. Softa is constructed of fiberglass and carbon, and it is water, heat, cold, and bump resistant!  "I know that someday the world will be ruled by beauty and harmony," Gugkaev states, which is just the attitude that inspires his cleverly designed furniture, lighting, and accessories collections. Why not add an artistic element to our street benches? Quite possibly, a more inviting seating option, such as the Softa, might make us want to sit, and stay awhile.

(Photography: Tembolat Gugkaev)