My Desk: Karim Rashid

An Exclusive Look at the Desk of Karim Rashid

The desk is an instrumental tool during any craftsman's process. Many times, the public sees the finished product, but never the factory. Knstrct had the opportunity to get an inside peek at the desk of an outrageous designer, Karim Rashid. The colorful designer is well known for dressing spaces in all self designed products, his office is no different. If I had over 3,000 designs in production I might outfit my office out with them too! This is the environment that Mr. Rashid surrounds himself in as he executes his design process, therefore, each of these items must play it's own part next-gen Rashid products.

1. Driven Data, art piece

2. Chakra Chair, designed especially to focus on the body's pressure points

3. Melissa Shoes by Karim Rashid, made of rubber and retails at $84.00

4. ASUS EEE PC 1008P Karim Rashid 10" Notebook, Pink

5. Della Rovere Uno Desk, 2008

6. Phatboy Pen, 2006

1. Koop Paper Clip Holder

2. Totem Desktop Pen Holder, 1999

3. Calty Metablobs, Featured in MAD Museum, NYC

4. Bobble, Bottle that filters tap water as the user drinks it.

5. Blob Lamp, 2002

Flooring is Paradow Orgo Laminate Floor, By Karim Rashid

1. Blob Enamel Pen, 2005

2. Hand Sketches By Karim Rashid