Rachel Comey Opens Crosby Street Flagship Store, New York

Rejoice! Rachel Comey's flagship store opens its doors on the streets of Soho.

The long wait is finally over! since leaving a clever little flag in front of the store's location awhile back, Rachel Comey fanatics have been eagerly awaiting her New York flagship store.

If you're one of her dedicated followers, you would know that there's no better location for her own store than on the cobblestone streets of Soho; complimenting her personal aesthetic,  it's the ideal match for her own designer outlet. Appropriately, it's right by her apartment as well, a clear sign that the store is a very personal and inspired place.

White brick walls greet visitors as they enter her new fashion establishment. Working alongside Elizabeth Roberts, who, with her contrasting style, adds a new element that complements Comey's design adds a very impressionable flair that you won't find elsewhere. A solid stone shoe table, artfully designed doorways and luxurious Charles de Lisle interior furniture fuse to form a place that will most certainly stand as a hallmark store in the district. Comey's pieces add a sense of her personality to the store as well, using materials such as stones from her favorite beach and natural wood panelings, you can see the store definitely has character. Designed like much of her collection, she says she created everything by "starting with the materials first and working back towards form and function."

Everything in the store adds to the atmosphere. Just from the first glance you'll know that your in a very cool, chic place; a store that's obviously a very intimate and personal expression of Rachel Comey.