Nike+ Fuelstation, London

Nike is a company that's always trying to stay ahead of the curve, the Oregon based sportswear gurus have set up the first Nike+ Fuelstation in East London's Boxpark. The store is Nike's vision of what the future of retail design will look like.

The internal creatives at Nike in The Netherlands dreamed up the concept store which is attempting to offer an innovative balance of interactive digital elements along with human interaction. Nike created Nike+ to be a global hub for athletes to come together and digitally measure their athletic success, be motivated by fellow athletes, and stay updated on the latest and greatest in athletic technology. Nike+ gives users all the tools they need to go out there, and make the most of their activities! These tools are the very essence that the Nike+ Fuelstation is built on.

The design of the smart store combines a clever mix of familiar materials such as wood and metal, with more unexpected elements like wall to ceiling to floor motion sensing LED screens. As visitors walk past the screens, the colors of the graphics change from red to green. A cool substitution for traditional mannequins, are the "motion-sensitive smart mirrors that reveal film footage of local runners wearing products from the store." But Nike doesn't stop there, visitors can even create life sized digital imagery of themselves which can easily be shared with the world by social media outlets with a quick press of button!

Photography: Nike