The Research Agency Office, New Zealand

The Research Agency, proudly being one of New Zealand’s leading and fastest growing boutique agencies, wanted to outfit their new workspace with a design that represented their business brand.

The research gurus called upon award winning architect Jose Gutierrez to give them the powerful and energetic aesthetic they desired. "The empty run down shell of an existing heritage building was transformed into a bold sleek office," Gutierrez explained. The architect re-vamped the old space by adding a contrasting palette of black and white to the office. The walls, pillars, ceilings, and curtains all became white, while accents of black were introduced with elements such as large metal letters spelling out the name of the firm and black carpeting. The layout of the office is fairly open, creating a contemporary work environment, a place where natural light can be transmitted far into the space from the windows. Beyond the open layout, Gutierrez created some private areas such as the 16 person conference room which is surrounded by floor to ceiling white curtains, and has a high gloss black ceiling, with cool framed photographs. The design of The Research Agency's cool new office definitely top's our list of places we wouldn't mind working!

(Photography: Jose Gutierrez)