Wonderwall’s Code Kurkku, Tokyo

Designed to be a retreat easily accessible from urban life, Wonderwall’s Code Kurkku eatery is a Zen utopia amidst bustling Tokyo.

The welcoming wooden gate and lush flora beckons city dwellers inside "Yoyogi Village" where visitors are confronted with an angular incline of stairs juxtaposed with oddly stacked containers. The collaboration between music producer Takeshi Kobayashi and Shinichi Osawa, was furthered with the help of landscape designer Seijun NISHIHATA, as evidenced by the lush, living wall of greenery in the interior. The team beautifully and simplistically created “An environment where you can subconsciously sense the exuberance of city life, while enjoying a ‘Great Escape,’ where you can relax your shoulders.

Photographs: Wonderwall Studio