Magma Designs the V House

Barcelona based architecture firm Magma have just completed The V House: a beautiful new residence on the bluffs of Costa Brava, a tiny coastal region in northeast Spain.

The picturesque home is fastened to the hill and described by the architects that it is designed "with the intensity of a single-family house, but can be divided into three independent homes." The team goes on to explain that "The site, which is very steep," therefore they built the home on a large stone base, on which stands a large horizontal platform. "The permeable cut of the staircase subdivides the platform into two independent bodies." Ultimately, the V House can function as a single-family dwelling, but can flex into a multi-family dwelling where public areas, the pool, and balconies, become shared when needed. The minimalistic architecture is a soothing match for the homes minimal interiors. Finished mostly in shades of white, grey, and wood tones, the subtle interiors allows for the heavenly natural surroundings to be a dominant feature of the V House.

 (Photographs: Magma Architects)