Holyfields Restaurant Hits Berlin

The team at Ippolito Fleitz Group doesn’t mess around! If you ask them to build a high-end restaurant at a good value, while respecting the clientele’s need for simplicity and speed, they will race to their drafting boards and create an award winning space. A space that not only exceeds expectations but fits every detail desired by your clientele.

Last month IF Group finished their second Holyfield’s restaurant. The aforementioned popped up in Berlin, and the first was completed last November in Frankfurt. The restaurant aims to provide diners the whole package - quick, affordable, quality food, enjoyed in a clean and contemporary design. IF Group used design and technology to achieve a speedy eatery that meets everyone’s needs by using a “sophisticated ordering system that gives diners more time to eat.

Holyfield’s wants you to relax at your table rather than wait in a queue. The restaurant guests can order at one of ten touch screens in the entrance area, which display the menu in image and video format. Guests then take an electronic device to their seat which emits a signal when the food is ready to be collected from a central counter.” This entire process was carefully considered by IF Group in order to custom design everything from the ordering counter, to the touch screen menu units.

It’s always a relief to find a choice of various types of restaurant seating, depending on the occasion of the meal. The design team had this in mind when they created four tiers of seating options starting with “a band of wooden tables with four chairs creates a classic restaurant situation immediately adjacent to the windows. Specially designed pendant luminaries add a touch of intimacy here. The next tier was created by a row of white tables with upholstered, two-seater benches. These five table groups are further demarcated by the slightly raised, dark-wood plinth and the gently lowered ceiling above. A net of taught rubber laces separates the individual booths without impeding the view across the space. The next tier offers guests a seat at a long, bleached oak bar table, contained between columns, in the very busiest area of the restaurant. Finally, four white, six-seater tables at the same height as the long bar table are aligned with the rear wall, which is executed in dark wood slats. Capacious U-shaped enclosures give a final parenthesis to the space. This area affords the best view across the entire room from a slightly more retired position.”

The open restaurant has an impressive raw concrete floor detailed with a floral pattern running throughout the entire space. To balance the acoustics of the hard concrete surface, a specially commissioned ceiling with geometrically patterned holes was created to guarantee good sound absorption. The finished product is a shining example that IF Group did a fantastic job of satisfying the need for fast, delicious food as well as a visual and atmospheric dining experience.

Photography Provided By Zooey Braun