Heliport VIP Lounge by Mission & Associates Limited

Congratulations to Mission & Associates Limited for being awarded the first annual Global Excellence Award given by IIDA! The team at Mission & Associates Limited enhanced the life of the Heliport VIP Lounge by allowing the zig zagging interiors to be cohesive with the existing angular building which houses it. Located in Central Hong Kong, the heliport is home to private and exclusive traveling means between Hong Kong and Macau. When the client decided to expand the heliport and add this VIP Lounge they wanted a design that reflected their progressive philosophy.

Mission & Associates Limited came in and approached the challenges of the building the interiors in an aggressive way by succumbing to the existing angels and creating geometric and manageable layout that would fit into the existing constraints. The ceilings are lower than usual commercial spaces, by adding the over proportioned shapes and streams of light above the designers are not only creating visual intensity but also creating way finding within the terminal lounge.